Lead The Field: Skills Development

Employment Equity Act

According to the Skills Development Act (1998) and the Skills Development Levies Act (1999), employers are mandated to pay 1% of their payroll towards annual skills levies. Employers can recover this levy if they can prove that they have assessed and trained employees during the year. All employers are legally obliged to appoint a SDF (Skills Development Facilitator), to complete and submit a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP), and to report on training in an Annual Training Report (ATR).

Skills Development Planning

LAB assists managers to assess all employees on-the-job, assess prior learning, determine their ability levels, place them in appropriate training programmes and claim back mandatory levies and discretionary skills grants from their SETA.
The recommended LAB implementation programme provides useful guidance to managers in the preparation of their Skills Development Plans. LAB Administrators are trained by Lead The Field in the preparation of Individual Development Plan (IDP’s), and to advise and counsel employees in their career advancement (Career Development Plan).

Individual Development Plan

Career-pathing ensures that employees are placed and developed in jobs according to aptitude and identified potential. Through training and development they can acquire the necessary competencies to prepare them for future positions. A comprehensive competency framework and profile for all posts in the company should be including the relevant registered unit standards, will specifically assist in the compilation of Individual Development Plan.

Individual Development Plan are compiled for individual employees and the data collated from all employees in the company will form the basis for the prescribed Workplace Skills Plan (WSP), which companies are required to compile.