What is LAB?

The Learning Ability Battery (LAB) is an instrument to evaluate the level to which certain basic skills required for scholastic or technical achievement have been developed in the applicant and what level has been achieved in language and mathematical skills. It provides Human Resource Managers and Recruiting Officers with a quick graphic computer printout for deciding to what extent the applicant is trainable and what bridging courses are required to slot in with a particular group and which aspects of education needs upgrading.

Cost-Effective Tool

The primary use of LAB is to assess the ability to learn (anything) and gives a clear indication of the candidate’s potential for successful training and employment. The secondary use is to assess the candidate’s current level of comprehension of any one of 13 languages, and numeracy (mathematics)

The results of the LAB assessment will assist individuals, managers, training providers, training authorities and employers to make decisions on training placement, workplace skills plans, annual training reports, succession planning and in the promotion of employees. LAB is significant in assisting employers recover annual skills levies.

The full Learning Ability Battery can be administered during one session of about 5 hours for individuals or in groups of up to 20. Raw Score processing is done on a PC, which produces a standardised management and individual detailed graphic report.


Option 1: In house

Lead The Field trains LAB Administrators and provides complete kits of software and all materials needed for the assessment process. The required processing units (one unit per person assessed) are purchased on a cost-effective sliding scale. The client’s own trained administrator can then conduct the LAB with their own purchased materials and process the raw score in-house on a PC. Results are available almost immediately.

Option 2: Out-sourcing

Lead The Field can come and assess workers on the employer’s premises in groups of up to 20 candidates (minimum 10) and provide computer generated Individual and Management Reports within 48 working hours.

LAB Materials and Equipment Provided

LTF provides all the materials and some of the equipment needed to conduct LAB Assessments. LAB Assessments can be conducted in three ways, using either:
  1. A Data Projector (DP)
  2. A Flipchart Stand
Complete kits are provided for each of the above methods used to conduct LAB Assessments, and the kit options are described below.
  • Basic Items
  • LAB Master Manual
  • LAB Software
  • Data Projector Instructions File
  • Document bag
  • LAB Software available from cloud and/or memory stick
  • Basic Items
  • LAB Master Manual
  • LAB Software and
  • Flipchart Workbook 1 Stand
  • Flipchart Instructions File
  • Carrier Bag including document bag
  • LAB Software available from cloud and/or memory stick
  • Contents of LAB kits A and B carry and document bag
  • LAB Software available from cloud and/or memory stick
  • Recommended option which provides the flexibility to use any above method
    to conduct LAB Assessments