Learning Ability Battery Assessors Training

LAB Assessors Training: LAB030

Lead The Field provides training for organizations/companies own employees, and provides the software, assessment masters and materials to be used in the assessment process.

The LAB Assessors, with a Matric (Grade 12) or higher qualification (recommended profile available) can conduct the LAB successfully in his or her company after training has taken place and a rehearsal has been done. The training requires pre-reading, a three to five-day (contact our office for more details) course followed by two weeks self-study and rehearsal (MINI POE SUBMIT TO OUR OFFICE, AS PROOF OF TRIAL ASSESSMENT)

The client’s own trained assessors can conduct the LAB with their own purchased materials and process the results in-house..

The required processing units (one unit per person assessed) are purchased on a cost-effective sliding scale.

The LAB Assessors Course is designed to prepare candidates to conduct LAB assessments and to advise and counsel learners. The course outcomes are those of the two applicable SAQA registered Unit Standards. LAB Administrators are required to meet the outcomes of two SAQA Unit Standards:

US7386: Assess learners within a learning situation (The administration of a LAB Assessment)

US117864: Advise and counsel learners (Within a Skills Development Programme, before and after assessment)

LAB Assessors can subsequently be SAQA accredited as Assessors using the LAB, provided they meet the minimum standard of 85% in the written assessment and submit a Portfolio of Evidence.

Effective Use Of LAB Administrators

Where organizations/companies elect to have their own in-house LAB Assessors trained (recommended), these selected employees should be directly involved in the company’s Skills Development Programme. LAB Assessors should not only conduct in-house LAB Assessments, but need to be involved in Advising and Counselling employees in the assessment process, and especially in further career development, life and job skills, education, training and career opportunities.
For this task, the LAB Assessors must be fully acquainted with the employers’ Human Resource Policies and must have a detailed knowledge of what contribution the assessed employee is required to make to the company’s performance and productivity, and what skills are required for progress within the organization.