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Lead The Field has developed and administered Learning Ability Battery (LAB) assessments in South Africa in support of schools, college, university, industrial learners and trainers for over a quarter of a century. Thus, proving LAB to be a stable, reliable, a practical and cost-effective tool for assessment purposes. It can assess candidates from illiterate to Grade 12 level or higher. During this time LAB has evolved naturally, developing into a talent scout for pinpointing career path development candidates, as well as an effective tool for selection of candidates for further training and promotion.

The declining demand for commodities globally is forcing most companies to retrench workers. This situation and the people involved, pose a major challenge to Human Resource Managers. BUT help is at hand.
Lead The Field has the LAB programme which you can use in-house and within a few days of training, Assessors may assess your workers. You will be able to distinguish the talented and fast learning individuals from the slow and less educated individuals for retrenchment.

As skill developers we assist CEO’s, Human Resource-, Training Managers and Business Owners to attain maximum profitability through increasing productivity, creativity and retention of dedicated and talented workers/employees. This unique skill building information can make a substantial contribution to solving globally skilled labour shortage.

The Learning Ability Battery (LAB) is an instrument to evaluate the level to which certain basic skills required for scholastic or technical achievement have been developed in the applicant and what level has been achieved in language and mathematical skills. It provides Human Resource Managers and Recruiting Officers with a quick graphic computer printout for deciding to what extent the applicant is trainable and what bridging courses are required to slot in with a particular group and which aspects of education needs upgrading.

The Development of LAB

In recent years the need has arisen for management to pay urgent attention to Career Path Development planning, especially for people employed in the lower echelons of organisations. This action resulted in a need for Adult Education, Life Skills and the development of people skills. The problems encountered were numerous and diverse, highlighting the need for:

A method of assessment, which is wholly South African and totally culture fair
An instrument to enable us to establish the level of actual reading and numeracy achieved by an individual as opposed to school grade passed, as well as the physical ability to hear and see
An accurate method of determining the learning potential of both literate and illiterate adults
Lead The Field took the initiative and provided funding whilst a team of specialists from UNISA, TRANSNET and industry respectively provided the theoretical and practical inputs. The newest generation of LAB is now available.

The primary use of LAB is to assess the ability to learn (anything) and gives a clear indication of the candidate’s potential for successful training and employment. The secondary use is to assess the candidate’s current level of comprehension of any one of 13 languages, and numeracy (mathematics)

The results of the LAB assessment will assist individuals, managers, training providers, training authorities and employers to make decisions on training placement, workplace skills plans, annual training reports, succession planning and in the promotion of employees. LAB is significant in assisting employers recover annual skills levies.
LAB is a practical tool, which is readily available to the commercial and industrial worlds. It is a quick and easy instrument supported by an almost immediate computer printout detailing the candidate’s learning ability and trainability.

LAB is an invaluable aid in the toolbox of Personnel Managers, Human Resource Specialists, Training Managers, Recruiting Officers, AET (ABET) Practitioners and Production Managers who must decide on the appointment, placement, training, promotion and career development of employees.

Training is more cost-effective because candidates for employment and/or training purposes are no longer being chosen arbitrarily. Thousands of Rands in time and money can be saved this way.

The full Learning Ability Battery can be administered during one session of about 5 hours for individuals or in groups of up to 20. Raw Score processing is done on a PC, which produces a standardised management and individual detailed graphic report.

Options: Availability of LAB
The LAB is Available in One of Two Options:
Option One (In-house):
Option Two (Out-sourcing)

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